I'm Megan, and I live in Portland, Oregon with my husband and our two dogs. I have always been a craft enthusiast, wildly obsessed with the rough-it-till-you-get-it art of the handmade. Knitting, baking, sewing, paper name, I love it.

This keeps me motivated as I attempt a work/life balance these days.


Still finding new places in my city. Making new friends. Making a quilt large enough for my bed. White-blonde hair. Re-doing my kitchen economically. H&M in Portland. Need I say more? Hanging out over at Ravelry. Collecting local, handmade stationery. Making strawberry-rhubarb jam. Really, really good sci-fi (don't argue with me. it exists.) Perfecting red velvet cake. Reupholstering my sofas. Settling in to my new promotion. Finishing some damned socks already. Pride & Prejudice. Honey soap & Big shampoo from Lush. Sewing aprons. Knitting dresses. Having a Mac and a PC in the same house. Finding a good bicycle. Keeping up with correspondence. The photobooth at the Florida Room. Rain whenever I want it. Sweaters in July. Dreaming of my new camera and most desired lens. No seriously, I really need a new camera.